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Yvens mother comforts him at their home in Casse, Haiti located in the very rural Central Plateau. Plastic surgeons from Miami who were volunteering through Project Medishare's Plastic Surgery Program corrected Yvens cleft lip. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Almost three weeks ago, plastic surgeons from University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery came to Port-au-Prince as part of Project Medishare’s Plastic Surgery program. Eleven-months-old Yvens Olsen was one of their patients.

Today,  Yvens, is already healing well from his cleft lip surgery.

Project Medishare nurse, Rosemerline Pierre-Louis, met Yvens and his mother at the clinic in Casse. Rosemerline informed her that there was a program that could help her son.

For Madame Olsen, she said she mostly worried about Yvens cleft lip, because the child looked different from his twin brother, Yvner.

“It was difficult because I have twin boys, and Yvens had this deformity on his lip, and Yvner looked normal,” she said. “I was sad for him, because if we could not get it fixed, then when they grew up people would see a difference between them.”

Project Medishare provides specialized plastic surgery to individuals living in Port-au-Prince as part of our specialty surgery program.

In addition to providing these surgeries (cleft lip & palates, burns, breast cancer reconstruction) local surgeons are trained on these specialized techniques enabling them to perform these procedures themselves.

Even though he was crying as he was waking up from the anesthesia, Yvens mother said he looked better after the surgery.

“I was so happy when I saw him after he came out of surgery,” she said. “I am happy that Rosemerlin found me and I am thankful to God that the doctors were able to fix Yvens lip.”

Madame Olsen now takes Yvens to the clinic in Casse so that Project Medishare doctors can follow-up on how the child’s lip is healing. The mother said she is so happy that there is a clinic in Casse. A few years ago, that wasn’t the case.

Local staff working with Project Medishare’s Community Health Program in Haiti’s Central Plateau assists in making sure the patients living in this rural area receive proper follow-up appointments after the surgery.

Before the clinic opened in Casse, people like Madame Olsen went to the clinic in Thomonde which not only included a journey, but cost more money for transportation.

“When I had to go to Thomonde to see the doctor, then I had to find money to rent a motorcycle or rent a horse to get there,” she said, “but now I can walk to the clinic and I don’t have to worry about having money for transportation.”


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From May 21-24, Dr. Seth Thaller led a plastic surgery program to Haiti through Project Medishare’s Plastic Surgery Program. Of the 18 procedures performed by the team, six of the surgeries were cleft lip and one involved correcting a cleft palate.

Project Medishare has a continuing partnership with Haiti’s Ministry of Health and the University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery for cleft lip surgeries.

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Waiting to go in for his hernia surgery, Widmayer Nordé draws pictures next to his decorated glove balloon recovery nurse Renaye Mansfield blew up for him.  Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–Whether it is minutes or hours, the wait always seems long when waiting for surgery. After getting him dressed for surgery, recovery nurse Renaye Mansfield took a couple of surgical gloves and blew them up for 11-year-old Widmayer Nordé. Widmayer took a pen and drew a face on the makeshift balloons. Widmayer is scheduled for hernia surgery today.


Keeping the kids occupied critical care recovery nurse Janet Shanley lets the kids play with surgical hats and masks.  Photo by Jennifer Browning.

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Handing over her contact information Project Medishare’s Nurse Liaison Maguy Rochelin is pleased that she can make an appointment for Ambrose Widzar. In accordance with The Smile Train grant the doctors from the University of Miami will return to Port-au-Prince two more times this year to perform cleft surgeries. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–While the patients scheduled today will be general surgeries, Project Medishare’s nurse liaison, Maguy Rochelin is scheduling cleft palate patients for another round of surgeries when the doctors return in June.

Motioning her to come closer a little girl hugged Maguy and gave her a kiss on the cheek before she and her mother left the clinic. Ambrose Judhly Widzar, 5, came today to see about her cleft palate being repaired. Three years ago Widzar traveled to from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haitian to have her cleft lip repaired. Ambrose’s mother was happy that he daughter would be able to have her surgery closer to home.
But not everyone is fortunate enough to live close to the surgical site in Port-au-Prince, many times more efficient travel is to take a tap-tap but even this modest transportation isn’t affordable to everyone.

Elise St. Pierre came with her parents today to see about repairing her cleft lip. They live in Degan near Carrefour. The family woke up at 1 a.m. to walk to Port-au-Prince to be here this morning after hearing about the surgical program on the radio a few days before. Since general surgeries are already scheduled for today.

Although the St. Pierre family will have to come back when doctors return for the second round of cleft surgeries, the family said they are thankful for The Smile Train who provided the grant which will allow their daughter to have surgery.

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After spending the night in recovery at Santé Bernard Mevs, Lise Marielle is comforted by her father. Lise had her first cleft lip surgery in Cange when she was 9 months old. Yesterday she had her palate repaired by Dr. Sam McDonald who is here with the University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery. The UM Department of Plastic Surgery was able to perform these surgeries thanks to a grant provided by The Smile Train. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–During this morning’s rounds, Dr. McDonald stopped by the pediatric recovery room to check on the patients from yesterday. On the list was little Lise. Cuddling up comfortably with her father, she was a bit sore from her palette surgery the previous afternoon, but otherwise Lise was doing well.

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During morning consultations a volunteer medical resident from the University of Miami observes Dorine Mesidor’s scar from an electrical burn she received three years ago. Below: Nervous about going into surgery, Dorine was given a mirror to play with while she waits. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–Infants discover their world by sticking things in their mouth, but sometimes this isn’t the best way to learn. Three years ago Dorine Mesidor was playing with an electrical cord that was plugged into an outlet. Curiously, she placed the dsc_0311.jpgcord in her mouth. Unfortunately part of the cord was not protecting all the wiring inside and Dorine suffered an electrical shock which caused a burn on the corner of her mouth. Dorine arrived with her mother yesterday to see the doctors after she had heard about the team working at Bernard Mevs.

After today the University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery team will have performed 23 cleft palate surgeries. After two cleft lip surgeries this morning, the remainder of the surgeries for today and tomorrow will be general surgeries.

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Critical care recovery nurse Janet Shanley tickles Lise Marielle to get her to smile. Today will be Lise’s second surgery by Dr. Sam McDonald who will repair Lise’s palate. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–Taking the bumpy, winding road up to the Partner’s In Health Hospital in Cange is one of the things Rebecca Dasy remembers when she took her niece, Lise Anna Marielle to get her cleft lip surgery.

Rebecca helped her sister look into surgery in Port-au-Prince for Lise who not only needed her lip repaired but also her palate which was gaping, but in 2004 there was only one doctor who could perform this type of surgery in Haiti’s capital. This doctor’s cost was $4000. And that was only to repair Lise’s lip.

dsc_0125.jpgSo Rebecca learned about a group of American surgeons who had traveled to Cange to perform cleft lip and palette surgeries. Lise was only 9 months old when Dr. McDonald performed cleft lip surgery on her in June 2004.

Lise is almost five years old now. Her aunt found out about the doctors returning to Port-au-Prince due to a grant provided by The Smile Train and brought Lise to Bernard Mevs to get a follow up surgery to repair Lise’s cleft palette.

Rebecca was thankful when Lise went into surgery today. She was also a bit relieved to see that the same surgeon was operating on her niece. While Project Medishare makes a major effort to see that patients have opportunities for follow-up, it is rare that a doctor donating his time in the operating room gets to meet a patient for the second time.

“I saw him walk into the room,” Rebecca said, “and I immediately remembered him as the doctor who operated on her in Cange.”

Lise’s operation was successful, and her aunt is thankful for Project Medishare and for the grant that The Smile Train provided to make this surgical trip possible.

“Your organization,” Rebecca said. “and other organizations who join you to finance this program are blessed.”

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