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This great documentary on Project Medishare premiered on Plum TV this past weekend. In case you missed it, take a few minutes to watch the video below.


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This past weekend a group of Haitian Americans visited Haiti with Project Medishare. The group consisted of wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, Pierre Garçon, recording artist Phyllisia Ross & DJ Griot. During their stay, the group toured Project Medishare’s facilities in the Central Plateau as well as the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port–au-Prince.

The group was able to see the Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) in Mirebalias, the Akamil Production Facility and the Community Health Program in Thomonde as well as the Community Health Program, Maternal Health Center and staff residence in Marmont.

This was only Garçon’s second time returning to Haiti since the earthquake. After the trip, Garçon said that “the work that Project Medishare is doing in Haiti is inspiring. Witnessing it firsthand just proves how critical it is that they are able to continue performing their lifesaving work.”

The group was also able to spend a day at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince. “I was very impressed and touched by the care the babies in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit were receiving. We were able to see premature twins arrive in the NICU just as we were walking in,” Ross said. “Haiti is a beautiful country filled with the most resilient people. It is truly heartwarming to know that the most deserving people are able to receive advanced health care because of the Project Medishare staff and volunteers.” Hospital Bernard Mevs houses the only Pediatric neo-natal ICU in Haiti.

Below are a couple of pictures that were taken during their trip.

DJ Griot, Marie, NFL Star Pierre Garçon, Medishare's Wilfrid Macena & Singer Phyllisia Ross

Singer Phyllisia Ross with a baby from the NICU at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

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By Jennifer Browning

This past Saturday, Fritz & Franz Bierhaus hosted Project Medishare’s Mission: Haiti, a volunteer and fundraiser event which recognized the more than 7000 volunteers who joined our organization in providing aid to earthquake victims over the past eight months.

At the MISSION:HAITI event guests peer inside a MASH Unit-style tent. Over a four month period Project Medishare operated Haiti's only critical care hospital out of three large tents where over 20,000 people were treated before Project Medishare partnered with Hospital Bernard Mevs. Currently, critical patients continue to be cared for in Haiti at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. Photo by Omar Vega.

Throughout the evening, over 300 volunteers reunited at the Bierhaus where they enjoyed good tunes by South Florida’s Nightscape Band.

Over $36,000 was raised during the event with generous donations from International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT), The Bierhaus, Nightscape, and the Michael Kelley Family.

Thank you to all who joined us and donated. Project Medishare couldn’t continue our important work without our volunteers, donors and supporters!

Click here to see images from the MISSION: HAITI event.

If you missed the event and would like to make a contribution to help Project Medishare continue its mission to improve Haiti’s healthcare infrastructure click here to make an online donation today.

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By Jennifer Browning

Project Medishare co-founder and president, Dr. Barth A. Green, will receive the Lawton’s Heart Humanitarian Award for his lifetime devotion to humanitarian causes from the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations (FANO). The award will be presented by Miller School Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt during the opening reception of the organization’s annual conference which begins this Wednesday, August 18.

The reception will be from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, 1881 S.E. 17th Street Causeway, Fort Lauderdale. The price for the reception is $20. The cost for the reception and two-day conference, “A Better Path: Bold Steps to Stronger Resources,” is $95.

FANO is a 20-year-old organization serving Florida nonprofits. The award program was initiated in 1992 to bring public recognition to individuals who dedicate their lives to humanitarian work. In 1999 the name of the award was changed to the Lawton’s Heart Humanitarian Award in honor of the late Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, whose entire career exemplified dedication to community service.

For more information on attending the award ceremony for Dr. Green, please call 305-557-1764 or visit www.fano.org.

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By Jennifer Browning

Dousma madame, dousma,..” Sammie Jean Charles tells a patient to go slowly as she moves her leg backwards and starts to feel the resistance from the band.

Sammie, a physical therapy tech in training, is working with Roslyn Gillen, an occupational therapist volunteering this week at Bernard Mevs/Project

Sammie Jean Charles assists Roslyn Gillen with a patient's physical therapy. As part of the physical therapy tech training program, students shadow and assist volunteer therapists with patient's exercises. “We are trying to reinforce whatever they are working on this week as well as allowing them to assist us where they can," Roslyn said. Photo by Jennifer Browning.


The recent move to the community hospital has created also a partnership. Project Medishare volunteers are now working side-by-side with Haitian physicians, surgeons, nurses, and pharmacists in an effort to “train the trainer.”  Those coming to volunteer at the trauma and rehabilitation hospital, are not only coming to work, but to also share their knowledge with their Haitian colleagues as part of  Project Medishare’s medical educational training program. Currently, there are five students going through training to be a physical therapy tech.

Sammie began working with Project Medishare as an interpreter. Through working with the physical therapists in transfers of spinal cord patient and out-patient rehabilitation, he became interested in the field.

“I wanted to learn about physical therapy, but there isn’t a school in Haiti,” Sammie said, “and now the people here with Project Medishare are helping us get training.”

And if there were a school for physical therapy in Haiti, Sammie said, it would be too expensive for him to attend.  He sees the additional benefit.

“Many Haitians have the willingness to learn, but to get an education, to learn a skill many times you need the money to pay for the school, but with Medishare here, they are training me for free,” Sammie said. “They are giving me a great opportunity to learn to be a physical therapy tech.”

Alyson Cavanaugh is one of the two long-term volunteers who are training students like Sammie.

“The overall goal is to teach our PT techs to be able to take over this position so that when someone comes in with an injury, they are able to evaluate them and to provide treatment services,” she said. “Eventually when we are gone we want them to be able to do basic physical therapy. “

So far the physical therapists in training have learned basic physical therapy exercises, lower extremity anatomy, and they are beginning to participate in evaluating patients.

In addition to this, they are receiving a hands-on experience as they work with the volunteer physical therapists in assigning exercises and providing patient education regarding the exercises prescribed for physical therapy.

Roslyn Gillen, an occupational therapist from Victoria, B.C. who is volunteering this week, said Sammie shadows her as part of his training. Roslyn also constantly reviews with Sammie on the information he has already learned.

Physical therapy tech student, Sammie Jean Charles and Marie Carmelle Charles, work with a volunteer on range of motion exercises. "In Haiti we have a dream that we will be able to learn," Marie said. "Now with this training opportunity, that dream is coming true." Photo by Jennifer Browning.

“Right now we are focusing on testing their knowledge regarding range of motion,” she said. “We are trying to reinforce whatever they are working on this week as well as allowing them to assist us where they can.”

The PT tech students have also attended a three-day training on wheelchair fitting as well as training in wound care.

Alyson said she appreciates how eager the students are about learning all the necessary skills.

“They are super excited to learn and they are eating up every little bit of information,” she said. “There is a lot of memorization involved, so they are practicing each and everyday between each other and reviewing the anatomy. “

The physical therapy tech students are also requesting to gain more responsibilities in dealing with patients. For Alyson, this is a good sign.

“They are asking now to be more involved with transfers, so they are taking the lead in our spinal cord unit to get the patients out of bed,” she said. “They are all independent in transfers working with spinal cord patients.”

Another physical therapy tech student, Aviça Charles said this is not only a great learning experience for him, but a great opportunity for him to help others in the future.

“I am very happy to have this program here, because too many times when someone here in Haiti breaks their leg or arm they may not get the therapy they need to get better,” Aviça said. “With this program, and with the training I receive I will be able to one day help people get healthy.”

Six months after the January earthquake, Project Medishare continues to work in Haiti in an effort not only to treat the people of Haiti, but also to better train the medical staff there in order to empower the Haitian people.

Click here to make an online donation to show your support in continuing Project Medishare’s medical educational training program.  Funding is still extremely important to continue these important, long-term life saving efforts.

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By Jennifer Browning

In an effort to promote forward giving Chase Community Giving is giving away another $5 million. Project Medishare supporters can vote to help put our organization in the top 200 charities in the running to help us a receive donation from Chase Community Giving.

Join us and Chase Community Giving. Vote and share your decision on your personal Facebook page and then continue to spread the word! Email your friends asking them to vote for Project Medishare on the Chase Community Giving Facebook Page!

Voting ends on July 12! On July 13 Chase Community Giving will announce the winners. First place winning charity will receive $250,000. The four runners-up will receive $100,000, and 195 other top voted charities will receive $20,000.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Log into your Facebook account.

2.) Go to Project Medishare’s Chase Community Giving Page.

3.) You will have to click “like” on the Chase Community Giving Page before you can vote.

4.) VOTE for Project Medishare

5.) Share your vote with friends on your personal Facebook Page encouraging them to cast a vote for Project Medishare.

Want to push the vote further? Message your Facebook friends, asking them to vote for Project Medishare too.

Every day in Port-au-Prince and in the Central Plateau, Project Medishare is working side-by-side with Haitian doctors, nurses, pharmacists and community healthcare workers to empower them to help improve healthcare in Haiti. Voting for Project Medishare through Chase Community Giving on Facebook is a quick, easy, and free way to help Project Medishare receive the much needed funding to continue our important work in Haiti!

There are 17 days left to vote in the Chase Community Giving! Vote today and spread the word!

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