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Darline is a 14-year-old Haitian girl who attends Eben Ezer School in Pareidon, Lahoye. She participated in cholera outreach that was held at her school through Project Medishare and later at her church.

In March of 2011 her neighbor became ill and was vomiting. The neighbors’ family assumed this was just indigestion. Because of the recent training she had received, Darline suspected that her neighbor had cholera. She ran to the Project Medishare Lahoye clinic to notify the nurse in charge. By the end of the day, when the nurse visited the neighbor’s house, two more members of the family were down with the same symptoms and were immediately transported to the clinic. Within weeks, a major epidemic developed in the area and Project Medishare opened a Cholera Treatment Unit in order to respond to the emergency. This was accomplished thanks to a grant from the United Way of Miami-Dade.

Today, Darline is very involved in outreach at her church and now assists at a fixed cholera supply distribution point that has been set up at her house. She hopes to pursue her studies and aspires to become a nurse to be able to take care of her community.

Project Medishare clinic in Lahoye, Haiti

If you would like to help us in purchasing lifesaving supplies that will help treat as well as prevent the spread of this outbreak, please click here to make an online donation today.

Thank you once again for all you do to help us continue provide healthcare in Haiti!

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In July 2011, Jimmy arrived at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare exhibiting symptoms of a rare condition called myasthenia gravis. Myasthenia gravis is a neuromuscular disorder, which involves the muscles and the nerves that control them. Our hospital staff and medical volunteers treated Jimmy. The volunteer group that week was from Eastern Health, an organization that went to Haiti with Project Medishare all the way from Newfoundland, Canada.

It was clear that Jimmy would not be able to leave our Intensive Care Unit due to needing intravenous medication every two and a half hours to control his condition. In the United States, myasthenia gravis is treated with a daily medication and patients lead very normal lives. In a third world country like Haiti, quality of life is much different with myasthenia gravis. In order to leave the hospital, Jimmy would need oral pyridostigmine, an expensive medication that is not available in Haiti. Without this medication, he would need to be an inpatient indefinitely. As a 21-year-old first-year medical student, this was a debilitating and heartbreaking realization.

Only two short weeks after the Canadian volunteer group returned home from Haiti, a one-year supply of oral pyridostigmine arrived at the Project Medishare warehouse in Miami, FL. The medication was delivered to Port-au-Prince that Saturday morning by our weekly volunteer staff.

The Intensive Care Unit coordinator at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare, Judith, gave Jimmy the medication and explained to him that with the medicine he would be able to return home and lead a normal life. Jimmy had been ill since April and was near death just a few short weeks ago. When he was asked what the first thing he wanted to do when he left the hospital, Jimmy stated, “return to medical school.”  None of the hospital staff had known he was a medical student until that moment.

Jimmy wanted us to extend his sincere thanks to the Canadian group who, by sending this medication, gave him the gift of continuing to live his life and allowing a (future) fellow doctor graduate in a country much in need of medical personnel.

Jimmy with his mother at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

The hospital staff sends their best wishes to Jimmy and his family. And again, thank you to the Eastern Health Canadian team for sending us pyridostigmine.

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On Monday, June 27th 2011, senior leaders of Rotary International’s District 6990, which comprises southeast Florida and Grand Bahama Island, presented a $70,000 grant commitment to Drs. Barth Green and Arthur Fournier of Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc. Drs. Green and Fournier will use the funds to provide training and equipment in the areas of radiology, ophthalmology, and laboratory work essential to providing urgent care to critically injured and ill patients at the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This is the second time Rotary International’s District 6990 has partnered with Project Medishare to fund work in Haiti. In 2007, the Zone 34 Rotary District gave Project Medishare $107,733 towards their nutrition program in the Central Plateau of Haiti, the poorest area of the country. “We are proud to be partnering with Project Medishare once again in their efforts towards the sustainable redevelopment of Haiti,” said Noelle A. Galperin, Rotary District 6990 Haiti Initiative Task Force Chair. “After visiting Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare, it quickly became apparent that this is an organization that is achieving ambitious goals in Haiti – training and employing Haitian doctors, nurses and health care administrators to be the future health care leaders in their country.”

Thank you Rotary International District 6990 for your continued support of Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.  

Rotary International’s District 6990 check presentation to Project Medishare

Rotary International’s District 6990 second check presentation to Project Medishare

Rotary International is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service and help to build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary’s global membership is approximately 1.2 million men and women who belong to more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Rotary clubs have been serving communities worldwide for more than a century. www.rotary.org

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Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare is in urgent need of Pediatric and ICU volunteer nurses. If you have been waiting for the best time to help with our efforts at the only critical care and trauma service facility for all of Haiti, now is the time! Please, if you are a Pediatric or ICU nurse that is interested in volunteering in the next week or two at the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince, please email us immediately at info@projectmedishare.org (for all other volunteer inquiries please click here!)

Line at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

As always, thank you for helping us serve the resilient people of Haiti who so desperately need us.

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One year ago on June 6th, 2010, Project Medishare for Haiti moved the 300-bed field hospital that was erected shortly following the January 2010 earthquake. The staff, patients, medications, beds, medical equipment, supplies, etc. were all moved into a brick and mortar building; the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. The hospital is located about 20 minutes from the Port-au-Prince airport and operates 24/7 for the general public, providing the only critical care and trauma services for all of Haiti.

Moving into Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. June 6, 2010

Moving into Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. June 6, 2010

As with every hospital in the world, there have unfortunately been some sad stories at the Hospital Bernard Mevs. However, there have been so many more feel good stories that have come out of the hospital in the past year. These uplifting stories definitely outweigh any of the sad stories. There have been many celebrated guests that have shown up at the hospital. Members of the Miami HEAT organization surveyed the property, NFL star Pierre Garçon of the Indianapolis Colts visited the hospital, a CT scanner was donated by Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti and President Michel Martelly and First Lady Sophia Martelly toured the hospital and spoke to staff, volunteers and patients.

Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

An American Red Cross board member donated a Digital X-Ray Machine and Pediatric Respiratory Unit, the City of Miami Beach donated 2 ambulances, a new prosthetic lab was created which was made possible through the partnerships with Ossur and Knights of Columbus and an amputee soccer team, Team Zaryen, was formed with players that are former patients of Hospital Bernard Mevs.

Ambulance donated by the City of Miami Beach

Ambulance donated by the City of Miami Beach

There have been more inspiring visits, happy stories and generous donations that have been made in the one-year that Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare has been up and running. The most telling statistic is the one that matters: 89,694 patients have been treated this past year at Hospital Bernard Mevs with only 45 beds at the facility. We thank you all for your continued support and encourage you to please keep coming back to help save lives in Haiti and please give whatever you can so that we can continue to effectively run the hospital.

An operating room at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

An operating room at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

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Project Medishare for Haiti is a grassroots organization that relies on generous people like you for donations to keep our programs running. As a supporter of the cause, you may find yourself wanting to help Project Medishare but are not sure what you can do. We do need your help and because of this we have compiled a quick reference for you to review. Any of the below options are great ways to help us sustain our efforts to save lives and build capacity in Haiti.

You can simply click here to make a financial donation. No matter how big or small, every dollar counts, and we appreciate your generosity and support.

How often do you search or shop online? A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to Project Medishare for free when you use iGive. When you shop using iGive, up to 26% of your purchase at over 800 great stores is automatically donated to Project Medishare! Searching or shopping through iGive means a donation to Project Medishare. It’s just that free and easy. And you SAVE money with exclusive coupons/free shipping deals.

Raise money by searching the web and shopping online! Powered by Yahoo!, each time you search using GoodSearch you raise money for Project Medishare. On average, if 1,000 Project Medishare supporters search twice a day for a year on GoodSearch, Project Medishare earns $7,300.

Text SAVE to 501501 to donate $5 to Project Medishare (To confirm your $5 donation, please reply with the word ‘YES’.  You must reply to the confirmation by texting YES, otherwise the donation will not be completed.)

Purchase Save Haiti Project Medishare T-Shirts, wristbands, beautiful Haitian Art and more from the Project Medishare online store! Profits from your purchase will go DIRECTLY to help those we serve in Haiti.

To see all the ways you can donate to Project Medishare, please click here!

Again, THANK YOU for your continued support, we literally do not exist without it.

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Mother’s Day 2011 is almost here! This is a very special Mother’s Day for us at Project Medishare as we open our first maternal health center in Marmont in the Central Plateau of Haiti. With your help, this year we would like to pay tribute to the expectant mothers that we are going to serve in the Central Plateau. Mother’s Day is a great occasion for you to honor and thank the woman who gave you life, continues to give you love and looks after you in any way that she can. You can do your part to help expectant mothers in the Central Plateau by sponsoring one woman for just $25 dollars. This small donation will go a long way by providing pre-natal and post-natal care for the mother and infant.

Expectant mothers in Haiti's Central Plateau. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

In Haiti, and particularly in the Central Plateau, the high rate of maternal mortality remains a challenge. Haiti has the top maternal mortality rate in the Western hemisphere and 80% of women in Haiti deliver their newborns at home without any skilled caregivers. One out of every 37 female deaths in Haiti is linked to high-risk pregnancy. Project Medishare has been working tirelessly toward decreasing these statistics.

Construction of our new maternal health center in Marmont is complete and the staff has been hired. Thanks to the Greig Family, who generously financed the construction, expectant Mothers in the Central Plateau will now have access to lifesaving health services. The center will offer access to quality child delivery services free of charge including comprehensive pre-natal and post-natal care. We expect that the center will deliver between 900-1,200 babies per year and care for thousands more.

Project Medishare internist, Dr. Gerarde Mondesir said, “It is essential for women in Marmont to have a center in their community where they can go to give birth.” She hopes that by having a maternal health center nearby, fewer women give birth at home, thereby decreasing the maternal mortality rate in the community. The new maternal health center is equipped with a full laboratory, incubators, and examination and observation rooms thanks to a generous equipment donation provided by our partner organization, MedShare. With your donation, we will be able to continue to treat thousands of women, maintain the maternal health center and decrease preventable deaths of mothers during childbirth.

What better way to honor a special mother in your life than by donating towards the improved health of a future mother in Haiti? This Mother’s Day we ask that you help us honor the women we serve in the Central Plateau by making a donation of $25. For each gift of $25, we will be able to serve one more mother with pre and post-natal education and care this year.  Please help us reach our goal of 1,200 gifts to ensure that we are able to care for each and every one of the mothers who so desperately need it. You can donate directly by clicking here!

The maternal health center is scheduled to open the first week of May, just in time for many Haitian mothers’ first Mother’s Day. Thank you for helping make this Mother’s Day special for expectant mothers in the Central Plateau of Haiti!

A healthy newborn baby at a Project Medishare facility. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

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The first annual Run for Relief 5K to benefit Project Medishare for Haiti is taking place on Sunday, May 15th, 2011. The run is being organized by local Miami high school student, Laura Simko. The purpose of the race is “to renew the awareness of the help that is needed only 681 miles off of our coast and to raise money for Project Medishare to continue its efforts” Simko said.

The race start time is 7:30am and it will begin and end at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove, FL. Age Divisions range from 8 & under to 70 & over. The Pre-Registration Fee is $25 and the Raceday Registration fee is $30. A commemorative T-shirt will be given to all participants featuring the Run for Relief 5K logo. To register for the Race and for additional information, please visit http://runforrelief5k.org/

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Port Au Prince, Haiti (Thursday, April 14, 2011) – In recognition of the ongoing commitment of the American Red Cross to Haiti, an American Red Cross National Board of Governors member and her husband have agreed to donate funds to construct a lifesaving 5 bed pediatric respiratory unit and purchase a Digital X-ray Machine for Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This 5 bed pediatric respiratory unit will be built as an addition to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit currently operating at the hospital, and will provide a sterile environment to house the most critically ill children and infants who remain on ventilator support.

“After the catastrophic earthquake in January, we treated tens of thousands of Haitians; and continue today to treat as many critically ill and injured patients as any major metropolitan medical center in the United States,” said Dr. Barth Green, the Co-Founder and President of Project Medishare. Green continued, “This generous donation will enable the hospital to continue the lifesaving work and patient care for the most critically ill and injured adults, infants and children in Haiti. We are so grateful to the American Red Cross and to this family foundation for their support.”

Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the general public, and it remains the only Critical Care and Trauma Hospital in Haiti. In the last six months alone thanks to the support of the American Red Cross grant, this hospital has been able to treat over 50,000 patients and perform thousands of lifesaving operations. Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare employs over 200 Haitian staff including allied healthcare professionals and support staff. They are joined by a dozen full time international staff that provide specialized services, including an on-the-job mentoring program to build capacity in the healthcare sector in Haiti.

A young patient in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

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Wilfred Macena

Twenty-six year old Wilfred Macena was at work welding in a shop when the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010. Like so many others, Wilfred was trapped under the rubble. He was able to free himself but not without escaping injury. Wilfred damaged his right leg when it was crushed by falling debris.

Wilfred stayed at home with his injured leg for three days before finally getting to Adventist Hospital. He waited at Adventist Hospital for four days but ended up leaving out of frustration as he was never seen by a doctor and went to the neighboring Dominican Republic. Seven days after being injured in the earthquake, Wilfred had an above the knee amputation on his right leg in the Dominican Republic. At first he was very hesitant about the procedure. He asked the doctor what his prognosis would be following the amputation and was told that he would be able to walk again with a prosthetic leg which made him feel comfortable with the procedure.

On April 1, 2010, Wilfred went to the Project Medishare field hospital to have his leg fitted for a prosthetic. Upon his return to the hospital on April 3, the staff explained to Wilfred how to walk with the prosthetic and within five minutes he was up and running! Dr. Barth A. Green, co-founder of Project Medishare, was in the tent and asked Wilfred if he wanted a job with Project Medishare. Wilfred currently works in the Prosthetics and Orthotics laboratory and clinic at the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. He takes measurements for prosthetic limbs and knows how to fix them. He has learned how to speak and understand English while working for Project Medishare. Wilfred is also a mentor to anyone that is facing amputation and for those being fitted for prosthetics. He is the perfect example that life does go on even after amputation and is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. He is playing soccer again with the Project Medishare Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer team. He has a one and a half year old and is expecting his second child in July.

Wilfred’s spirit is incomparable. It takes two hours to get from his tent home to work every day by taking three tap taps. He repeats the same long, treacherous trip to get home each night. He says that he is extremely grateful to Project Medishare because if he did not work there he would not be able to work as he lost everything, including his welding tools, in the earthquake. It is fair to say that the feeling is mutual; Project Medishare is very grateful to have Wilfred as part of our team.

Wilfred Macena at work in the Prosthetics and Orthotics laboratory and clinic at the Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare

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