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Wilfred Messine works for Project Medishare today as a prosthetic technician in training and provides hope to other amputee patients. Photo by Omar Vega.

When Wilfred Messine was fitted with his prosthetic limb in April, he immediately began running and kicking a soccer ball which inspired other amputee patients. Today Wilfred is Project Medishare’s prosthetic technician in training, and he continues to inspire others like him everyday.

As 2010 comes to a close, Wilfred and Project Medishare continue providing inspiration and care to the thousands of amputee patients affected by the earthquake. And now, there are less than 48 hours left to make a year-end tax-deductible gift.

If you haven’t already, please click here to make your year-end contribution online today.

Wilfred provided an inspiration of hope for those amputee patients to be fitted at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare (HBMPM) with their new limb. His message: if you can do this without a leg, imagine what your possibilities are with a prosthetic leg!

Part of Wilfred’s job today is not only to help with the patient’s fitting and physical therapy, but also helps these patients understand what the prosthetic limb means for them.

Wilfred said he loves his work at HBMPM because he is helping Project Medishare change people’s lives.

“What Project Medishare is doing here is helping people start their life again,” Wilfred said. “I talk to the amputee patients and let them know that one day, they can be like me. I tell them that I can walk, I can drive and I have learned to run….there are so many things I can do with my new leg…and that they will be able to do these things one day. I let them know they can have a new life. That if you are an amputee it doesn’t mean your life is over.”

Time is running out to make your tax-deductible contribution to Project Medishare for 2010. If you have already given, we thank you for your continued support of our programs, like the Amputee Rehabilitation Program, that provide hope to so many in Haiti.

If you have not provided your 2010 tax-deductible year-end gift, please click here to give today.

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Three months after the Knights of Columbus announced that it would donate $1 million to Project Medishare to provide prostheses to Haitian children who lost limbs in the January 2010 earthquake, a large shipment of the prosthetic devices is being sent to Port-au-Prince this week.

Yesterday, at a news press conference at the Hialeah, Fla. facility where the prosthetic devices were being prepared for shipment, representatives of the organizations involved expressed enthusiasm for the difference that the “Hope for Haiti’s Children” program will make in the lives of the child amputees.

An estimated 1,000 children underwent amputations after suffering severe injuries in the earthquake. Project Medishare, which operates a critical care, trauma and rehabilitation hospital in Port-au-Prince and clinics in the Central Plateau, is equipped to fit prostheses and to provide physical therapy once patients have been fitted with the devices. The Knights of Columbus agreed to underwrite the cost of both the prostheses and therapy for children who needed them. The children will be supplied with up to three prostheses (as they outgrow them) and two years of physical therapy.

“Bringing the gift of mobility and independence to these children is an important investment in their lives, and through them, in Haiti’s future,” Knights of Columbus Supreme Secretary Emilio Moure said. “Knights of Columbus, for whom charity and helping neighbors in need is a fundamental commitment, is honored to be able to help make this possible.”

Dr. Barth Green, Project Medishare’s president and co-founder of Project Medishare, agreed that this gift is crucial for the thousands of children affected by the earthquake.

“We are grateful to the Knights of Columbus for joining us as a partner in providing critically needed medical care and rehabilitation to the people of Haiti,” Dr. Green said. “Their contribution is very generous, and enables us to meet the needs of Haiti’s child amputees in a rapid, skillful and effective manner.”

Also participating in the news conference was Dr. Robert Gailey, Associate Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Physical Therapy, and Adam Finnieston, Chief Prosthetics Officer at Extreme Prosthetics, producer of the prosthetic devices.

Project Medshare for Haiti was founded in 1994 by Drs. Barth Green and Arthur Fournier when they assembled the first team of faculty from the University of Miami School of Medicine and Nursing to assess the health status of Haitians and explore ways of rebuilding their healthcare infrastructure in a long term and meaningful way.

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest lay Catholic organization, with more than 1.8 million members around the world. Last year they donated more than $151 million to charity and donated more than 69 million volunteer hours to charitable causes.

Click here to see NBC Miami’s video about Project Medishare’s partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

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