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Co-founder of Project Medishare and a physician at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Dr. Arthur Fournier was among the first doctors to treat patients with AIDS and to recognize the socioeconomic forces driving the epidemic. In The Zombie Curse: A Doctor’s 25-year Journey into the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic in Haiti, Dr. Fournier offers his memoir regarding his dedication in battling the AIDS epidemic in Haiti and how he, along with dedicated colleagues, founded Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.

This book does more than chronicle the story of a horrible disease, it also tells the history of how Project Medishare began serving the people of Haiti. The Zombie Curse would make a great gift this holiday season!

“Fournier sends out a cry from the front lines about the overwhelming role poverty plays in the spread of AIDS. His awakening came in the early 1980s when, as a faculty physician at the University of Miami Medical School, he saw AIDS spreading through the city’s Haitian population. He tells stories of patients—men, women and children—with clear signs of AIDS (believed at that time to be a disease of gay men and drug users) and how they were stigmatized by medical personnel. The author became completely committed to understanding this illness, and with supportive colleagues he traveled many times to Haiti and co-founded Project Medishare, devoted to improving Haiti’s health-care system. He was especially successful in the town of Thomonde, establishing an initiative to train physicians and nurses. Fournier offers brutal descriptions of the poverty that fuels AIDS in Haiti, a country where malnutrition reigns, young women are forced into prostitution and orphanages abound.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

This book would make a great gift to anyone who has volunteered with Project Medishare or anyone who is interested in the organization’s efforts in Haiti. The hardcover book can be purchased for $27.95 or order an autographed copy for $50.

All proceeds from each book purchased through Project Medishare’s online store will go to benefit Project Medishare’s efforts to improve the healthcare infrastructure in Haiti. Click here to order your online copy today!

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By Jennifer Browning

This week Dr. Adam Goldstein and his medical team from Jewish Healthcare International are working with Project Medishare’s community health team in Haiti’s Central Plateau.

A mobile clinic in very rural Boucantis, Haiti. Jewish Healthcare International is working with Project Medishare's local medical staff this week. Photo courtesy of Dr. Adam Goldstein.

Yesterday, the team worked with Project Medishare’s local medical staff at a mobile clinic in Boucantis where they

drove almost two hours over mountains and canyons to meet the 200 patients that awaited them. On his blog Your Health, Dr. Goldstein talks about his team working with the Haitian medical staff to treat those at the clinic set up in an open air one-room church.

Inside the church, at least 150 people are lined up on three walls to see providers: a wall for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a wall for the dozens of children, and a wall for adult males and females. Dividing up quickly and taking our cue from the one Haitian nurse practitioner and intern on-site for the day, we dive right in, with interpreters, and a mobile pharmacy with a fairly effective though limited formulary. Several thousand dollars of samples we brought do prove helpful in some cases. Severe hypertension, severe arthritis, reflux and ulcers, iron deficiency, worms, urinary tract infection, eye infections, hernia, headaches, rashes and contusions, from those who had traveled 1-2 hours on foot to the church. Two cases of goiter and hyperthyroidism, one almost certain congenital heart disease in a 5 month old not thriving. We help, reassure, treat, and recognize that a paved road to these rural areas is more potent a pill than any we can deliver.

—from Poverty, Roads, Health and Hope on You Health

After working with Project Medishare’s local staff, the Jewish Healthcare International team traveled to Hinche to visit the regional hospital and another cholera treatment center who yesterday received 50 new cases at the site.

Another make-shift cholera camp set up at the front entrance. Yesterday, all had hope the disease might wane. Today, 50 new cases on top of 50 in treatment. 100 now in a tent hospital. Several died again because they got there too late. Heroic Ministry of Health administration and Partners in Health clinicians making a difference. Medishare, our host, providing supplies, training, and additional personnel.

—from Poverty, Roads, Health and Hope on You Health

The Jewish Healthcare International team will be working in Haiti for the rest of the week. You can read Dr. Goldstein’s full blog post Poverty, Roads, Health and Hope here. Dr. Goldstein plans to blog about his experiences throughout the week on Your Health.

Project Medishare’s community health program is operated by over 100 local staff comprised of Haitian doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrative staff and community health agents. To learn more about Project Medishare’s community health program in Haiti’s Central Plateau click here. If you would like to donate towards the community health program you can make an online donation here.

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Last week students from Westminster Christian School presented Project Medishare with a check for $2000 to assist improving healthcare in Haiti. In this photo: Gillian Holtz, Ph.D, Marianne Finizio, Tristan d'Adesky, Taryn d'Adesky, Dylan d'Adesky, Helder Valle, April d'Adesky, Karlyn d'Adesky, Barth A. Green, M.D. Photo courtesy of Roberto Suazo.

By Jennifer Browning

When 17-year-old Dylan d’Adesky, a senior at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Fla., heard about the earthquake in Haiti, he decided to do more than talk about the what happened to the tiny Caribbean country on January 12. He started a nonprofit, “Help Heal Haiti.”

Dylan joined by his three siblings, Karlyn 15, Taryn, 14, and Tristan 13 and a network of extended family and friends began  selling “Hope For Haiti” bracelets for $1 and T-shirts for $5. Many who purchased the items would donate additional funds to support Dylan’s cause.

The teens sold wristbands to friends, at soccer games and at their school.  Dylan’s aunt Karine d’Adesky Paris, also helped with selling wristbands to her friends and family in Haiti as well.

Through the project, the students raised $2000 for Project Medishare’s continuing efforts to improve the healthcare infrastructure in Haiti.

“It was something I felt I had to do,” Dylan said, “and it turned out to be something great.”

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James O’Connell was deployed to Haiti January 13 by Haiti Emergency Mutual Aide Compact to rescue and recover earthquake victims from the rubble. After O’Connell returned to New York, he said he couldn’t stand by idly.

In this photo: Mr. Robin Mui, Mr. James O'Connell and Ms. Helen Li. Sing Tao Newspaper New York's Chief Executive officer Mr. Robin Mui facilitated the donation of the AC units from Ms. Helen Li, owner of Brooklyn Appliance Inc. Photo courtesy of James O'Connell.

Over time O’Connell has enlisted friends and colleagues to help gather supplies for Project Medishare’s efforts in Port-au-Prince. Recently several air conditioning units have arrived in Haiti and are waiting to be installed at Hospital Project Medishare Bernard Mevs. A few months ago Sing Tao Newspaper New York’s Chief Executive officer Mr. Robin Mui facilitated the donation of the AC units from Ms. Helen Li, owner of Brooklyn Appliance Inc. After Li prepared the units for shipping, Mr. Joe Ruiz, from the UPS Foundation,  facilitated the shipment of the units to Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Haiti free of charge.

“I have had the opportunity to work first hand with [Project Medishare] in Haiti and have witness the life saving services you are providing,” O’Connell said. “It has been my pleasure assisting Project Medishare and I will always support your mission to save lives.”

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Three months after the Knights of Columbus announced that it would donate $1 million to Project Medishare to provide prostheses to Haitian children who lost limbs in the January 2010 earthquake, a large shipment of the prosthetic devices is being sent to Port-au-Prince this week.

Yesterday, at a news press conference at the Hialeah, Fla. facility where the prosthetic devices were being prepared for shipment, representatives of the organizations involved expressed enthusiasm for the difference that the “Hope for Haiti’s Children” program will make in the lives of the child amputees.

An estimated 1,000 children underwent amputations after suffering severe injuries in the earthquake. Project Medishare, which operates a critical care, trauma and rehabilitation hospital in Port-au-Prince and clinics in the Central Plateau, is equipped to fit prostheses and to provide physical therapy once patients have been fitted with the devices. The Knights of Columbus agreed to underwrite the cost of both the prostheses and therapy for children who needed them. The children will be supplied with up to three prostheses (as they outgrow them) and two years of physical therapy.

“Bringing the gift of mobility and independence to these children is an important investment in their lives, and through them, in Haiti’s future,” Knights of Columbus Supreme Secretary Emilio Moure said. “Knights of Columbus, for whom charity and helping neighbors in need is a fundamental commitment, is honored to be able to help make this possible.”

Dr. Barth Green, Project Medishare’s president and co-founder of Project Medishare, agreed that this gift is crucial for the thousands of children affected by the earthquake.

“We are grateful to the Knights of Columbus for joining us as a partner in providing critically needed medical care and rehabilitation to the people of Haiti,” Dr. Green said. “Their contribution is very generous, and enables us to meet the needs of Haiti’s child amputees in a rapid, skillful and effective manner.”

Also participating in the news conference was Dr. Robert Gailey, Associate Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Physical Therapy, and Adam Finnieston, Chief Prosthetics Officer at Extreme Prosthetics, producer of the prosthetic devices.

Project Medshare for Haiti was founded in 1994 by Drs. Barth Green and Arthur Fournier when they assembled the first team of faculty from the University of Miami School of Medicine and Nursing to assess the health status of Haitians and explore ways of rebuilding their healthcare infrastructure in a long term and meaningful way.

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest lay Catholic organization, with more than 1.8 million members around the world. Last year they donated more than $151 million to charity and donated more than 69 million volunteer hours to charitable causes.

Click here to see NBC Miami’s video about Project Medishare’s partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

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By Jennifer Browning

This past Saturday, Miami Country Day School’s Class of 2000 decided to do away with party favors or gifts at

Miami Country Day School's Class of 2000 gave up party favors and instead donated to Project Medishare.

their 10-year class reunion. Instead, they asked the alumni in attendance to donate money to Project Medishare.

Toward the end of the reunion, the alumni passed around a jar asking for donations. The class of 2000 raised nearly $300 in a matter of minutes.

“We wanted to start a tradition of each returning class giving back to a philanthropic cause in order to continue making a difference as we were taught to do in high school,” Miami Country Day Alumni Kelly Arison said.

Thank you Miami Country Day School alumni for continuing your tradition to give and make a difference.

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Project Medishare is following Tropical Depression Tomas as it travels through the Caribbean.

As of the latest advisory, we plan to conduct business as usual this weekend; however, if you are a volunteer traveling with us to Haiti this Saturday, please be aware that Tomas may affect your travel. We will continue to monitor the storm and keep you updated.

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