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By Jennifer Browning

From Pittsburgh, Lynn Byers flew to Port-au-Prince with Project Medishare to work at the field hospital set up there between February 17-23.

Volunteer nurses work 12 hour shifts during their time at the Project Medishare and UM Global Institute hospital. Byers  spent most her time working in the adult ward. She shares her experience including the joys and frustrations that come with working as part of the earthquake relief effort.


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By Jennifer Browning

While Project Medishare volunteer relief workers continue to work long hours providing medical care to earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince, 60 miles away  those living in the communities of Thomonde and Marmont are feeling aftershocks of their own.

With the mass migration of earthquake victims to places like Haiti’s Central Plateau, an already strained area is feeling the pressure of housing and feeding its neighbors from Port-au-Prince.

Before the earthquake, the rural communities in the Central Plateau were already some of  the poorest parts of the country. Project Medishare, with the assistance of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, has been working with farmers in the Central Plateau to institute better farming practices and production. Even during these times, while Project Medishare provides relief to those in Port-au-Prince our rural staff is continuing to work with our agriculture and community health programs which have grown since the migration of earthquake victims from Port-au-Prince.

Project Medishare faces structural challenges in the plateau as well. Last week an engineer reported that the community health clinic in Marmont is too damaged for healthcare workers, doctors and nurses to work safely. We are currently looking for a new location to continue health services in that area until the clinic in Marmont can be rebuilt.

Before the earthquake Project Medishare’s Community Health Program served 85,000, the Project Medishare community health staff are currently conducting a census to discover how much the population has grown since the January 12 earthquake.

While we continue our relief efforts in Port-au-Prince, Project Medishare will still need to fund our existing agriculture and community health programs serving communities in the Central Plateau.

If you would like to support Project Medishare’s agriculture and community health programs in assisting the growing population we are encountering in the Central Plateau since the earthquake please click here.

If you would like to read more about the problems facing rural Haiti since the earthquake, click here to read Ken Ellingwood’s story in the L.A. Times: Haiti quake is beginning to be felt miles away.

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By Jennifer Browning

When the violent shaking began, Monique was standing on the second floor in the dining quarters of the Project Medishare’s small office in Port-au-Prince. Within seconds the china cabinet fell on her and rubble surrounded her.

This is what is left of the Project Medishare office in Port-au-Prince. The office housed three staff members, including In-Country Director Marie Chery who was working with the Community Health Program in Thomonde when the quake hit. While the rubble demonstrates how great the damage, Project Medishare was fortunate that no lives were lost.

Buried under the china cabinet and surrounded by broken glass,Monique began to cry and scream for help. She wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but she knew she was alive and she needed to find her way out.

Noticing a speck of light just beyond her reach, Monique began to carefully crawl her way past the glass and the rubble. When she pulled herself out, she realized she was standing on the roof—which was now at street level.

Monique was the only staff member at the Project Medishare office which provided small living quarters for staff, and we are thankful that her injuries were minor despite what she experienced. She is now staying with her family who live outside the capital city.

Since the earthquake Project Medishare’s staff have worked tirelessly towards organizing logistics on the ground at the Project Medishare and UM Global Institute field hospital in Port-au-Prince, which has offered little time to examine the loss of our own home which is only a small example of the millions who remain homeless today in the capital.

In addition to providing earthquake relief to those hit hard by the January 12 quake, Project Medishare is continuing to examine how the earthquake has affected our existing programs in Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau.

If you would like to donate towards Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts click here.

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By Jennifer Browning

More than a month after the January 12th earthquake, Project Medishare volunteers continue providing care for those affected by the disaster. Now you can show your support of these heroes of Haiti by purchasing items from Project Medishare’s online store. Purchase an earthquake relief wristband or a Save Haiti Project Medishare T-shirt to raise money and raise awareness for Project Medishare’s relief efforts.

Get the official wristband worn by the Heroes of Haiti! Project Medishare’s doctors were the first on the ground after the earthquake and they are working around the clock to save lives. The wristband is a replica of the official wristband worn by our doctors and nurses on the ground in Haiti saving lives. The wristbands have been donated, so 100% of your purchase will help fund earthquake relief efforts. Many lives have been lost to this tragedy. But many have been saved by our heroic medical teams on the ground in the initial phase of relief efforts. Most of these patients will require ongoing care and, with your support, our teams will be there to provide it. Purchase a wristband for friends, family, and colleagues as well as for yourself to show your support each day for our doctors’ heroic efforts in Haiti. Click here to purchase your earthquake relief wristband for $5 today.

What do Shaquille O’Neal and Romero Britto have in common? The SAVE HAITI: Project Medishare T-shirt also available online. Immediately after the quake rumbled Port-au-Prince, Miami Beach artist Romero Britto offered to donate and design our Save Haiti logo on these one-of-a-kind T-shirts. For $25, you can be like Shaq and wear a SAVE HAITI: Project Medishare T-shirt, or for $50 you can own a LIMITED EDITION SAVE HAITI: T-shirt autographed by Romero Britto himself! Like the wristbands these T-shirts have been generously donated, so 100% of your purchase funds relief efforts in Port-au-Prince. Click here to purchase your Save Haiti T-shirt today!

Many celebrities and athletes have shown support or endorsed Project Medishare’s relief efforts. Maya Angelou, Lenny Kravitz, Samuel Dalembert, Kobe Bryant and many others joined together to raise awareness. NBA star Alonzo Mourning recently received the NBA’s Legend of the Year award for his work in Haiti with Project Medishare. Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade joined Mourning in forming the Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti and so far has raised $1 million. Recently awarded Best International Female Vocalist and Best International Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards last week, Lady Gaga announced her support for Project Medishare on February 4. All Lady Gaga’s Haiti Relief T-shirt sales from her “Gaga for Haiti” campaign will go to benefit Project Medishare relief efforts in Haiti. Are you Gaga for Haiti? Click here to purchase one of her Haiti Relief T-shirts.

Want to learn more about healthcare in Haiti? Produced by Kimberly Green, “Once There Was A Country” examines the causes of the healthcare crisis in Haiti at the beginning of the 21st century and provides examples on how innovative, self-sustaining healthcare programs can alleviate poverty and disease in the most isolated regions of Haiti. Narrated by Maya Angelou and Guy Johnson, this documentary film is about the turmoil and triumph in Haiti, and features Project Medishare’s Community Health Program in Thomonde. Click here to purchase this very informative documentary and share it with friends and family in your community to spread the word about Haiti’s healthcare crisis.

Project Medishare’s Co-founder Dr. Arthur Fournier writes his memoir about battling the AIDS epidemic in his book “The Zombie Curse: A Doctor’s 25-year Journey Into the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic in Haiti.” Fournier sends out a cry from the front lines about the overwhelming role poverty plays in the spread of AIDS. His awakening came in the early 1980s when, as a faculty physician at the University of Miami Medical School, he saw AIDS spreading through the city’s Haitian population. Dr. Fournier not only chronicles the story of a horrible disease, but also gives tribute to the abundant courage, resilience, and dignity of those beset by tragedy. Purchase this book online to learn more about Dr. Fournier’s journey.

The cost of rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts are mounting rapidly and additional support is desperately needed. As we move forward in our relief efforts, we need to purchase artificial limbs for amputees, live-saving antibiotics and other medicines, as well as provide physical therapy for those injured by last month’s quake. Click here to make an online donation to Project Medishare’s earthquake relief fund.

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By Jennifer Browning

This Sunday, February 21, be a part of  “SHINING FOR A CAUSE” Uniting Sports for Haiti Charity Fundraiser which will benefit Project Medishare and the UM Global Institute’s earthquake relief efforts. The benefit is organized on behalf of “Project Save the World” a Charitable Foundation Founded by Jennifer Williams, Heather Williams and Deanna Morales.

This event is being filmed for an upcoming episode of The New Reality Show “Basketball Wives” on VH1 airing in March.

FEBRUARY 21ST, 2010, 7 PM -11 PM
6530 Allison Road, Allison Island Miami Beach

A silent auction will be held throughout the course of the evening with high dollar services and products for guests to bid on.

Space is limited and RSVP is mandatory. Please RSVP at ProjectSavetheWorldFundraiser@yahoo.com or call 305-785-6813.

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By Jennifer Browning

Tomorrow new Suniland Shopping Center tenants are pledging to donate all the proceeds from their Grand Opening festivities to Project Medishare’s “Save Haiti Saturday” relief fund.

New franchise Tutti Frutti and the wellknown Sir Pizza will open for business tomorrow. From 2-6 p.m, Terranova invites the community to come out and “shop for a cause” at their official Grand Opening. Suniland Shopping Center is located on S. Dixie Highway, between the 112th and 117th streets.

“Save Haiti Saturday” is a nationwide fundraising initiative to benefit Project Medishare/UM Global Institute for Haiti’s massive medical relief effort. The more money that is raised, the more support that can be provided to Mediashare’s team of doctors, nurses and rescue workers who are working tirelessly around the clock performing surgeries and taking care of the sick and wounded during this most critical time in Haiti.

All who are interested in the classic Miami pizza or a healthy sweet treat while supporting Haiti relief efforts are invited to attend.

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By Jennifer Browning
Join the Nightscape Band as they perform live in Downtown Coral Gables
to kick-off their musical benefit for Project Medishare.

The band will perform next Saturday, February 27 from 9 pm-1 am at The Bier Hause on 60 Merrick Way (near 37th Ave between Coral Way and Alhambra (Satchmo location))

The Nightscape Band.

The band is led by Dr. Steve Chavoustie who holds a dual appointment at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine both as Voluntary Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and in medical education. Dr. Chavoustie is also the medical director of a non-profit organization called “Medical Students in Action” that offers medical care and education to the under-served communities in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. He travels yearly with his medical students where he evaluates and treats over 900 patients per week for most medical conditions.

Dr. Chavoustie is also a long time supporter of Project Medishare. He and his band, Nightscape, started early raising money for Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts.

“Our benefit has already raised $6200 and we have not played yet,” Dr. Chavoustie said.

Call (305) 774-1883 For more Fritz & Franz information. You can check out the Nightscape Band’s website for the latest news on the band at

If you can’t join Nightscape but would like to donate to Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts click here.

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