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By Jennifer Browning

After seeking shelter at the government hospital in Hinche Choucoune, 45, returned to find her home and everything inside completely destroyed. Three hurricanes consecutively pummeled Haiti’s Central Plateau leaving many residents homeless.

Choucoune works as cook at Project Medishare’s clinic in Marmont. She shared her home with her three children, her mother, and her niece. With no home to return to after the storm, the family is currently divided among three different households of family and friends. The staff at the Marmont clinic has pulled together their own money and raised 2000 gourdes ($51 US dollars) to help Choucoune and her family obtain basic necessities like clothing.

With the help of Project Medishare supporters who have already begun generously donating money towards Project Medishare’s Hurricane Relief Fund, Choucoune and her family will receive help in rebuilding her house. She and her family urgently need beds, matresses, linens, pots and pans, toiletries, and food.

Project Medishare is grateful for the friends of Haiti who have already donated toward relieving the suffering in the wake of this tragedy, but more funds are needed to continue the hurricane relief efforts.

Please click here to make your online donation to help Choucoune and others like her rebuild their lives in the Central Plateau.

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An area school outside of Hinche serves as a shelter for families who have lost their homes after three hurricanes ravaged Haiti’s Central Plateau.

By Jennifer Browning

Project Medishare’s staff in Haiti has reported that more than 1000 families around Haiti’s Central Plateau are suffering from the damage of three recent hurricanes that ravaged the tiny country in the Caribbean.

The government hospital in Hinche was turned into a shelter for these families who lost their home. Since the opening of area schools has been postponed, three school buildings have been converted into shelters for those not needing medical attention. Those who sought shelter at the hospital in Hinche have been moved to one of these three schools. Each school is housing between 500-600 people.

Help these families in need by contributing to Project Medishare’s online Hurricane Relief fund. Donate online by clicking here now.

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photo courtesty of Partners in Health

By Jennifer Browning

Hurricanes Faye, Gustav and Hanna have ravaged many of the areas Project Medishare serves in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Project Medishare and its staff have been personally affected by these storms and after spending the past days providing for their own families they have been able to sen the update regarding the community Project Medishare serves.

In Hinche, 45 minutes from Thomonde, damage and despair looms. The Ministry of Health reported the government hospital and local schools have been turned into a shelters for thousands of families who have been flooded out of their homes. Among these families includes two Project Medishare employees in Marmont who live in Hinche. They have lost their homes and possessions.

Ministry of Health representative Dr. Raul Raphael is requesting funds to purchase supplies for those seeking shelter in Hinche. The shelter is in need of tarps, sheets, blankets, food, cooking pots as well as cooking utensils are needed. There is also a great need for towels, bottled water, buckets, personal hygiene kids, medicine, medical supplies and beds.

Other areas Project Medishare serves have also been affected from the fierce wind and rain. Many roads are difficult to travel and many rivers which cross the roads are impassable. Schools were prevented from opening last week due to the damages created from the storm. All of the schools in Project Medishare’s school health program have suffered roof damage. Minor flooding has also damaged the schools as well as in the latrines causing concern for contamination .

Project Medishare’s office in Thomonde suffered from flooding and also lost a generator during the storm.

Project Medishare is asking, during this time of tremendous suffering, to join them as they provide additional services and support in the wake of this unforeseen, and certainly unbudgeted, disaster.
The Green Family Foundation has contributed a start-up relief gift to aid the people of Haiti’s Central Plateau. Please join Project Medishare, the Green Family Foundation and the Global Institute at the University of Miami in helping the many Haitian families battered by the recent hurricanes.

Please consider making a gift to Project Medishare’s work in Haiti’s Central Plateau today so that a quick response may be made during this time of crisis allowing Project Medishare to continue supporting the communities of Marmont, Thomonde, and Hinche. Click here to make your online donation of $25, $50, $100 or more.

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