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Kimberly Green of the Green Family Foundation is currently featured on The Huffington Post in response to the recent “mud cookie” article by AP reporter, Jonathan Katz about malnutrition and hunger in Haiti.

Kimberly has been an advocate for the people of Haiti since she met the founding doctors of Project Medishare in 2002. Her article makes excellent points about holistic solutions to end poverty proposed by Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and how Project Medishare has used its own unique strategy which emphasizes social justice and personal empowerment.

Read Kimberly’s article, “Global Poverty at its Worst: Mud Cookies in Haiti” here.

You can give your own support to Project Medishare by donating $25, $50, $100, or more to Medishare’s Akamil Plant and its accompanying Nutrition and Training Facility which is currently under construction.

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flickr_logo_gammav1514.gifWhether it is a surgical trip in Port-au-Prince or the Bacom Palmer Eye Institute working in Marmont in the Central Plateau, Project Medishare documents its medical trips with its partnering universities not only here on the Project Medishare blog, but photographically on Flickr.

Check out the images from the University of Miami nursing trip where nursing students participated in community immunization rallies and school vaccination programs, view   photos from the hydrocephalus surgical trip, or see images when Emory University School of Medicine traveled to Thomonde in November to work with Project Medishare’s mobile clinics.

Check out a variety of sets inside Project Medishare’s Flickr photo gallery here.

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akamil_child.jpgA recent Associated Press article alarmed many as they read about Charlene Dumas eating mud patties in Cite Soliel, one of Haiti’s worst slums.

Project Medishare for Haiti has been working to combat childhood malnutrition and related diseases in Haiti, still the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, for 14 years. Haiti has long battled malnutrition where 23 percent of its children are reported as malnourished. Past Port-au-Prince, up and over mountains in Haiti’s Central Plateau 33 percent of Haiti’s children face malnutrition.

Akamil facility construction continues despite delays from the rainy season and this year's hurricanesCurrently, Project Medishare is focusing on a local solution which will not only provide meals but economic development around Thomonde in Haiti’s Central Plateau. The Akamil processing plant which will accompany the Nutrition and Training Facility is currently under construction in Thomonde.

Akamil is a nutritional product made from locally grown cereal and beans all blended into powder, and fortified with essential micronutrients and vitamins. This new Akamil processing plant, located with in the Training Facility will allow Project Medishare to fill the nutritional deficits currently observed among children, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as HIV/AIDS & TB patients in Haiti.

The Akamil processing plant and the Nutrition and Training facility is already creating an economic impact by currently providing 175 short-term construction jobs. Upon completion 29 people in the local community will have a permanent job.

While the Akamil processing plant and Nutrition and Training Facility will give a training center for healthcare providers it will also also provide:

  • Nourishment for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis patients
  • Daily nutrition for 200,000 individuals along Haiti’s Central Plateau
  • Sustainable operating revenue
  • Support 3000 local farmers through the purchase of local grains helping these farmers transition from subsistence farming to cash crop farming.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities for women merchants in the plateau

akamil-plant.jpgWhile Haiti’s rainy season, a variety of hurricanes and tropical depressions have delayed the general construction process, funding is also an issue. Project Medishare still needs $225,000 to complete the final stages of construction of the Akamil facility which will bring much hope and progress to the people of Thomonde and the central plateau.

Join the Project Medishare team in completing the Akamil facility and its accompanying Nutrition and Training Center by clicking here to donate to this worthwhile project. A donation of $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more could help the people of Thomonde in their own battle against hunger and malnutrition.

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